this song .
asks all the questions i keep asking .
im pissed off .
lol .
i swear it really "grinds my gears" that im stuck on stupidd on him .
i swear im never falling in love again .
lol .

they say dont take it out on love .
im not .
im just anti - love right now .
thinking . . .
i miss my mackinn dayss .
ahhh , the memoriessss .

Best Of Me (Bonus) - Jazmine Sullivan


diplomatikk said...

love that songg :)

Miss.Fortune said...

shit lets go put on somethin hella cute and hit downtown l.a. a club or too..
maybe hollywood..
hmm...we deserve it!

ariele said...

this song is a good one.
heavy rotation.

but uhh go get ur mind right and ur heart shall follow darling.

Anonymous said...

"Best Of Me" should have been on the album!!!!!