love conquerss ALL .

mee && ma siss were jus talkinq about thiss .
&& itss soo true .
at the end of the day .
no matter what you qo throuqh wit tht person you love .
the lovee you have for them leads you to where you need to be .

relationships are never easy .
ask anybody .
if your relationship is perfect ,
ex ; no arquinq , no disaqreements , no dislikes .
somethinqs not riqht .
i think the love between you doesnt qrow ,
if you dont qo throuqh trials && tribulations .
if you cant make it throuqh touqh situations toqether
then how will yall proqress into the future ?

im suree itss possiblee . bt i would expect for somethinq to qo wronq eventually .
itss just human naturee .

i cant speak for everyone else .
bt i know i lovee my boyfriend .
he 's my future eveythinq .
we talk about the future together .
both our hearts are in the same placee .
idc what yall think about thinqss i ' ve wrote previously .
we qo throuqh what we qo throuqh &&
thats how i be feelin at the time .
bt really at the end of the day .
itss me && himm && nobody elsee .
itss not about if i can see myself withh him ,
cus reallyy . . .
i can 't see myself without him .

ily ddy . 8.31.08 && wee still qoinn =]


Jervis said...

man,I wish EVERY woman in love was like and thought like you. You are the most loyal person to LOVE that i've ever known of. Most girls, when shit don't go right in their relationship, they get tired and give up. But you have the perfect remedy for everything, and you go about it in a mature way.

Crys said...

Very true! I've been in my relationship a year and almost three months..and in the beginning there was so many times when we've given each other reasons to just give up..but we fought for what we have and now it's at a point where we can't even stay mad at each other.

There's been times when I've been like "maaaan, fck him!" but then hours later I find myself saying "fck THAT, I'm not giving up".

I think, well I know with me, the more I make him mad and see him get over it..the more grateful I am for him. I don't know if that makes any sense, but I mean, the fact that he loves me enough to put up with my bull makes me appreciate him more.

I don't believe that there's any such thing as a perfect relationship; where people don't argue, fuss, and fight. To me, the point of a relationship is to learn how to love someone despite their flaws. I think if you're gonna run everytime someone makes you mad, then you are not ready for a relationship. It's hard work, but if you really love someone [the way it seems you love your boyfriend] you'll do what you have to do make it work.

I can go on all day about relationships, because I've learned so much from mine..but I won't. I already typed an essay. lol. ; ]

Wish you the best!

nt skinne n e mo said...

MAN, ive been with my dude for about 3years and sum months now and it it true...al relationships should go through troubles.

me and him have broken up [took a break, but never fk`d n e one else] 3 times....and agrues almost every other day. we are two complete different people but at the end of the day we love eachother and thats what makes us stronger for the future we plan and are working on together.

its all about you being able to handle what life throws at yall, what god is trying to test yall, and both of yall differences.

cuz no real relationship is perfect.

but goodluck

Miss.Fortune said...

yes indeed!
thats how it should be!