man .
thats all i can really say right now .
i keep trynaa move forward in my lifee .
to the next best thing .
like its somethin so good .
sittin right there in front of me .
wanting me .
waiting for me .
but i cant grasp it .
because i still find myself , not able to fully let my bf go .

why cant i let him go !
its pissin me off .
itss like deep down insidee ,
i still think hess gonna come back to me
cus hess done it soo many times beforee .
bt at the same time ,
its likee its over && i need to livee && let the past diee .
but everytimee i try to take that final step forwardd
i think about him .
&& im likee fuck .
why do i miss him ?
why cant i let him go ?

its likee ,
i have someone that really likess me && i like him too .
&& i dont wanna hurt him , nor lose him over my inhibitions .
its juss likee fuck .
what is it gonna take for me to move on && try something new ?

ugh ,
its like either [a] sit && hopefully wait for my bf to come back && hurt someone in the process && expect for me to get hurt again also .
or [b] walk away from it . && try something with someone i know wouldnt hurt me or ever try to hurt me .

&& as easy as it seems for me to choose [b] .
im still contemplating [a] .
&& it pisses me off .
it pisses me the fck off !
why cant i let go of thiss nigga that hurt me so many times .
not that he was a bad guy , bt it is what it is .
then theress this guy that i knowww likess me .
&& i knowwww wouldnt hurt me . && does nuthinq bt put smiless on my face .

wtf is the problem ?
why cant i take my heart away from him . && give it to someone else ?
i know that i shouldd but i cant .
smh .
lol .
shit man my love life dont get no easier >:O
i dont get nooo breaks .
lol .
anybody got some feedback on how yall got over yo ex ?
cus i could realllly use it .


Miss.Fortune said...

its LOVE the only problem is ur fighting it..
that doesnt mean get back with him that just means take your TIME..
dont try and rush getting over him..you will fail..dont try and force getting over him..u will just fall harder!
just take ur time mama..and allow urself time to get over it..
honestly thats all u can do

kmx. said...

Damn that's how I've been feeling these days but me & the dude didn't even go out so it makes me feel like even more of an asspie...but anyway.

I would think it would take time above all to get over it because the more you fight it, the more it will bother you so yeah you miss him, that's normal, but if you just accept it, let it ride, eventually, with time it won't hurt as bad.

Stay up girl :)

A.R. said...

this is deep, but you just need to take your time and figure shit out.

diplomatikk said...

best way to get over someone old is to get under someone new, ayeee! lmao.

nah but forreal, give the new guy a try. it will most likely be worth it. you're allowed to have feelings for more than one person at a time, i promise.

StarzGazR said...

this is crazy-- ive been through this-- and 3 years later i'm still with the dude.. check my blog for the story..

if its mean to be babygirl there aint no forgetting the dude!!