my lord .

lmmfao .
jusss wow .
i was watchinn dance videos on youtube and came across this .
yeaa okay if yuu wanna dance in yo pantiess on video do what yuu do .
bt these females got they OWN dance team or whatever . && they all dance around
in they drawss .
toqether in the middle of the livin room .
lmmmmao .
in some videos yuu see little girls watchinn , grown men walkin by .
bt the funniest shit is that only half the btchhes actually CAN dance . smh .
i said to myself , "damn this some triflinn ass shit , rmao" . enjoy .


briit said...

eeeww. yeh. i had watched this a few days ago and a vid of them verses twerk team. but this straight disgusting. A) you're right they really can't dance. B) They drawers all up and in they cracks. C) They sloppy about it. and D) i bet it smelled like ass crack and ussy at the end of the video! lls and smh.

chavita!!! <3 said...

I agree with britt haaha this foul ass shit...THIRSTY bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Daniel said...

Oh wow, ummm crazy stuff. They don't really look like the type of girls to be doing that but ummm yeahhh. Haha, my girl would kill me if she knew I watched this!