UnitedStatesOfTara .

soo . i seen the lil commercial for this show lass nitee when i was layinn downn && it caught my eyee so i was likee .... i think ima watchh tht . sooo i went on on demand in checked it out .

itss really a funny ass show . itss about this surbarban mom who has multiple personalities && how her && her familiy deals with it .

her husband is reall down to earth && cool he lovess her regardless && tryss not to cheat on his "wife" with her "alters" . i find it very lovinq .

then they got 2 kidss . a boy whos like 14 , hess like a lil sophisticated square . he likess literaturee && old moviess n shit . && the daughter is like 16 , typical rebellious teen out havin sex n shit like tht . havinn teenager issues && fsmily life issues .

bt the mom && her "alters" as she call her other personalities are hilarious .

in the first episode yuu meet one called "Tee" whoss like a teenaqe whore , real outspokenn && jus crzy , think shess hella coool . bt shess jus not . lmao . the other alter is called "Buck" , hes a man , likee a country southern war vet man . smokes ciggerettes n shit . hella funny .

my favorite part in the first episode that got me was when the mom sees her daughter gettin roughed up by her bf , which pisses her off , so she turns into Buck , then laterr on tht nite , she ssees the bf && starts whoopin his ass . then the square ass brother outta NOOOwhere jumps in && starts stompinn him out . i had to rewind it i was laughin so hardd . like wtf ?

lmao . check it out tho . it comess on showtime sundayss at 10 . watch it on demand if yuu got it !

heres the first episode =]


Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! I seen the promo on TV and I'll be back to watch it....It was laughing already....:)

Jervis said...

yoooo,good looks on this first episode,from what u wrote,this shit sounds hilarious