homee vactionn .

sooo ,

the moms && her husband took a trip to arizonaa[k] thiss morninq to look at houses .

[serious sad face ]

i jus qot off the phone withh her && she likess it so far .

[pissed the fck off face ]

cuss noww im 80 percent suree they qonna wanna movee to arizonaa

whichh iss jus furthur complicatinq my lifee .

i jus wanna work && qo back to skool

&& arizonaa && they job market && skool system do NOT feed into that equation .

ima biq cityy qirl that qrew upp around alot of diversityy .

you are NOT about to move me in no new city built on a indian reservation .

[not that i have anythinq aqainst native indianns cus i mixedd with them ]

buuuut seeinq the sameeeeee racee of ppl alll the timee can qet under my skinn .

whichh is whyy i HAVE to stay in a metro area .

smh .

this is killin meee .

bt whatever . we 'll see what happens .

so whilee theryre qonee on this 2-3 day tripp .

i have thee housee allll to my self >:]

&& no im not throwinq any kickbckss ,

not invitinq anyone over ,

none of that .

im just about to enjoyy my piece of mindd && peacee && quiet .

try && see what ima do wit this paqe of miness .

cus if yuu been on beforeee ,

yuu know it was wayyy more colorful then this shit .

bt i was fcknn around wit one of them bloq layoutss && i decided i didnt want it after all .

&& deleted it && now i qotta start frm scratchh :[

lol .

smh .

sooo idk .

ill prolly be spendinn more time on heree jus cus i aint qot shit else to do .

lol .


Miss.Fortune said...

lets all get togetha and stand in front of ur house..and boycott the move.
hopefully it works~

i LOVE having the place to myself..
well i have my own place but when i did live with others..it was a good quiet feeling

Jervis said...

awwwww poor hunny,shit juss not going yurr way huh,juss kick back and the crib and drink some coronas,it always helps me