day two .

of my homee to myself vacationn .

smh .

today was a little better than yesterday .

i admit even tho i enjoy the peace && quiet , && not beinq botheredd .

im still lonelyy .

i hatee beinq alonee =[

i wishh ddy was heree to cuddle withh me =/

i miss himm .

bt anywayss ,

i spent most of the day listeninq to music && dancinq .

psh .

damn shame .

lol .

its like 24 hours of boredom .

&& i qot twoo moree dayss to qo .

whatever tho .

anywayss .

i been havinn the biqqest issue .

cuss before i go back to school i think i wanna chanqe my major .

&& at first i was gonna qo to school for fashionmerchandisinq .

buut everyone keeps telling me ima good writer ....

&& ive always liked writinq ...

so nowwww im thinkinq of journalismm .

but i wanna do somn i lovee && i lovee fashionn .

bt i kindaa like writinq too .

lol .

im thinkinqq maybe become a writer at a magazinee ??

somn ?

lol .

idk .

do yuu guys think id be a good writer ?

idk .

i really dont think i be talkin bout shit but i almost got 50 followers so i guess im sayin somn interestinq lol .


Jervis said...

hell yeh yurr a good writing. u get into detail about whats bothering u.
thats why I read everytime u post.

King.Price said...

i think you should follow your dreams...
ive always wanted to be a nurse but i went premed..ive just changed it to pre nursing
:) i think you should go for it