just a thought .

im fallinqq . . .
not into yuu ; bt away from yuu .
&& maybee thatss whatss best .
im not mad at lovee .
im mad at yuu .
im mad i believed in yuu .
im mad i trusted yuu .
im mad i was everythinq yuu wanted me to be .
when yu werent .
i enduredd the hurt ; becuss i was lettinq my heart win .
not anymore .
its funny tho .
cus without yuu , i found happiness again =] .
im still incomplete .
i just havent decided if your the right piece .
cus yuu probably arent .


briit said...

so true. i like this post.

Jervis said...


Miss.Fortune said...

dont even be mad at him..
just walk away and dont look back
just let this be a lesson learned and really take a piece of mind with u..
he will realize ur true intentions..by then it'll be too late..