shouldd i stayy or shouldd i qoo. . .. . . .. idkk . .

mann .
havee yall ever been in lovee ;
likee soo deep .
that you ' d do anythinq to make it work ?
cuss you knew tht it was worthh it ?
bt like nothinq ever went rite ?
&& itss not like tht personn is badd or anythinqq .
bt certainn circumstancess juss dont ever work .

i keep tryinq && tryinqq .
&& its likee i dnt wnna qive upp ,
bt i start feelin stupidd after awhilee .
cus its likee ,
ill be likee its qonna be diff this time .
&& its not .
itss a disappointment every time .

&& wee talk it out .
everything is fine .
then it happens againnnn .
&&itss jus likee i dont wanna be tht person thts blind in lovee ,
cuss i do see the situationn ,
i just dont wanna givee up .
cuss i know we can work .
&& i want us too .
bt , sometimess im confused as to if he wants us to .
he says he doess .
&& i can truelyy say tht i honestlyy believe him .
likee frm the bottom of my heart .
i know what he sayss is true .
bt the actionss he doess says different .
&& likee i know actionss speak louder than wordss .
bt i jus think his actions qet lost in translation .

im completelyy lost .
i dont wanna be naivee && jus qet walked over .
not tht he does .
bt likee ,
i just dont know how to get the best of him .
cuss he alreadyy has the best of me =[

iLthiss sonq =[

Best Of Me (Bonus) - Jazmine Sullivan


Janeen Mesmerize said...

You just really gotta go with your heart.. but always TRY YOUR BEST not TO BE BLINDED.. i know its hard .. but always keep an eye out..

Miss.Fortune said...

sometimes what we want is not what we need..and its not always whats best for us...
u gotta trust ur heart and not ur mind..theres a difference..u just gotta figure out the two.
if things havent changed..most likely they wont..if they do it takes time but u cant change him..
find out if he wants the same things as u do...if ur not n the same path then its time to let go..

follow ur heart and dont be afraid to love urself..after all its US we need to be content with..not the men

Jervis said...

damn,me and my girl doing the same thing. lets juss say that you're her voice right now. and lets juss say that maybe yurr reading the actions too much. and yes they are getting lost in translation. but in a relationship actions DONT always speak louder than words.

actions can play unconscious sometimes,and ur gonna have to depend on how that person expresses their feelings about u and try to understand and believe them

Day Dreams of a PYT said...

Dammit I wish I could give you some type of advice but Im feeling just like you right now...Ugh

I hope things work out for you ;-(