so yeaaaa ,

te he >:O
lol .
i was tryinqqq reeeleee reeeleee hardd not to bloq about some bs .
buuuuuut .
im past boredd on this lovelyy friday niteeee . . .
soooooooo ,
fck it :]
i dont really havee too muchh to say .
ain' t shit chanqedd in the lass couplee dayss .
lol .
first && foremost ,
THANKiiiEEEESSS too everybdyyss advicee on my previouss bloq .
momss aint trynaa hear it so i quess i qotta work on plan b .
whatever tht may be =/

lol .
im not stressinq ,
bcuss myy bby askedd me to pleeeease not stress over it .
so .
i let it qo . . .
at least until they come back frm arizonaa withh there verdict .
im hopinqq for arizonaa [k] !
lol .
shit .
all i needd is a placee to stayy closer to la preferablyy .
where i can find a jobb && get ma shit together .
[anybdyy know anybdy rentinn rooms ??]
hahahahhaa ,
shit .

soooo .
anyways .
itss ANOTHER dryyass slowwwww friday .
my weekendss are never fun anymore .
im 20 goinn on 60 .
i have likee no lifee .
smh .
ohh well .
ill be straight .
im still young .
itss not the end of the worldd , i quess .
next year better =]

[pshh , hhahahaha its juss now 09 ' . && now im already talkin bout 010 ' ]
lol .

sooo i know thiss is randomm right .
bt , this jus happened so i gotta talk about it .
so , me personally .

i hatttttttteeeeeeee cookinq .
the only time i cook is for myself .
cus i dont expect anybodyyy to really cook for me .
unless ma moms cookin dinner .
sooooo ,
likee i reeeeeallly hattee ,
whenn my moms husband or anybdy really [bt he does it the most ]
waits until i go make ME somn to eat ,
to be likee ohh im hungryy , can yuu make me somn .
&& me beinq me .
i say uhhhh nooooo .
cus i really dont want to .
and likee my mom alwayss gets mad at me .
because she sayss im ungrateful becuss i dont wanna cook food for somebdy .
like he cant cook for hisself .
im juss likee .
i been the same way sincee forever .
i stay to myself .
i do me .
plain n simple .
bt they always complain about the saaaaaaaame shit i allllwayss do .
why cant they jus accept my characteristics .
im not chanqinn for no fcknn bdy .
idgaf if me not cookin for other ppl is selfishh .
i DONT like doin it for me . so whyyyy am i gonna wanna do it for yUU?
likee wtf ?
thenn whenn i dont wanna talk
[sometimess i get in my quiet antisocial moods]
he wanna complain to her likeee . . .
"ohh , shess not talking to me again , shees beinq standoffishh "
likeee beeeeeeeitchh .
no .
im jus bein me .
if i dont feel like fuckin talkinq , its my right not to .
likee .
tht shit is jus immaturee and irritatinq .
likee my moms sittinq here juss talkin about how selfish i am
cuss i dont wanna cook him taco shells n shit too .
ohhhhkayy i admit
it may bee a tad bit selfishh .
bt ummm wtf .
if i can get up and make my own shit , so can he .
hes not my husband .
shit .
i dont cater to nobdy bt my mtfcknn mama && my bbyddy .
likee .
i embrace independence .
dont be dependinn on me to get yo food together and make yo plate .
shit i aint gettin paid for this shit .
str8 drxppp .
thts jus how i feel .
&& honestlyy idrgaf if yall likee damnn yuu cold .
lol .
shit .
im me . thats jus how i am .
tht non chalant careless idgaf qirl .
alwayss have been && alwayss will be .

[p$] i knoww yall likee qotdamnnnn her bloqss is alllwayyss hellllllaaa lonnnqq ! lmao . bt shit at least i make it easy to read =] i hate them long ass paragraphss lol . they make my eyes hurt .


Miss.Fortune said...

lmao..tell em to make his own damn tacos

Jervis said...

yeh man,im with u with the no life shit. we on the same boat i dont do much either and stay bored