updatee .

holaa readers :)

i havent been posting due to the fact my email on my phone isnt sending emails and tmbile acts like they cant help .
so when all thats cleared away ill be back , hopefully thats not toooo long.

nothing really to update .
me and james are back on good terms , ive kinda come to accept the didfference between our friendship and relationship blah blah , but its cool .
everything a come together in time , when its suppose to. . .

i talked to zahkeem on sunday .
funny he asked me would i marry him but i didnt know if he was serious or not.
hes asked soo many times and i always said yes , but this time i couldnt .
our relationship isnt the same anymore and i know how i feel about james .
and i told him that .
he just changed the subject lol but later wrote this lil poem talkin bout
" she's the perfect girl for me , but we could never be , and i can never let her go , thats why shes my best friend . .. .ect ect ."

yeaaa . idk lol , i appreciate our friendship even tho our relationship didnt work .
i just hope me and james' dont turn out tha saame fucking way >:o !
lol , prolly not . i see good things for me and my baby :)

anyways i gotta go home now i been at skool since 10am . adiossss !

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