his letter .

My E V E R Y T H I N G.
Lol well I guess I'll start at I love you i know you saying goodbye to
me was the hardest thing for you to do it was hard for me to take it
but I seen it comin so . . well no I didn't see it lol I never wanted to
end our relationship but you said it was what we needed so I said okay
she always made good decisions so okay but I still hear yo heart callin
out for me :-D.
But as you know u still the love of my life I jus love how u r how u
cater to me n do all the things u do for me u always picced me up when I
was down n I thank u for that I kno I was a handful but u always there
for everything most of the time I kno it was times we both hated each
other n felt it was the end we was fallin out of love with each other
but all that was jus anger cus ily like I need you in my life lol
really. But Ima be thinkin bout u everyday while I'm gone waitin to be
able to talk to you so don't worry bout a thing I'll always love you
so. But I admit I do miss us that it's gonna be us till the end of
time feeling us starting a life together but that's all I'm really gone
say today :-* ily.