this is to my anonymous reader :)

so i was checking my blog before bed & in my comments i received this .
. .

"Anonymous said...

I been silently reading your blogs and I see a gorgeous young women but
yet you seem to fall in love(or really strong like)of guys who don't
appreciate you(again I'm ASSuming and only reading from your side of the
stories,lol)from what I read,But forgive me if you think I'm being
disrespectful but do all pretty girls feel the way you feel around a
certain type guy 'cause I need to know,I would love to have a young
women as fine as you confessing your love for me,or is it just your
speaking about your growing pains;either way I need to know how can I
get a loving and seem to be loyal("faithful")female such as yourself.
p.s.For real though what can a man do to talk to a female heart these
days without her thinking he on games,want to know your opinion misses
"heartbreak" hotel.
p.s.s call me what you want "stalkr"ect. I just enjoy reading blogs I
find interesting. "

- now first off i wouldnt call you a stalker lol , i appreciate my
readers and even tho i was slightly offended by your "assumption" i
wasn't really disrespected . just to clear the air for all my readers .
i do NOT post everything that goes on in my love life . it would be way
too much & sometimes i don't want feedback i just need a place to vent .
my boyf is the best I've ever had and very appreciating . he shows his
love everyday but we have our moments and misunderstandings and we talk
about them and at the end of the day our love grows and is that much
stronger . and i apologize to my bby cus he said i make him sound like a
dick n my latest blogs lol , and i have bt that was jus how i felt at
the moment so yeaa . i digreesss . . .

to answer your question mr. anonymous , i couldn't really give you an
answer on how to get a girl to feel a certain way or how to catch her
heart . I've met many girls and many guys and i always come to realize
im very different from average . im a very loving person and i wanna
give my love . im blessed to have someone to give it to and receive it
back equally . some girls are afraid to love . some don't know how to .
some have been hurt ect . pretty girls have different agendas but we all
have hearts and its up to you to try to understand the true character of
that girl . some are serious , some play games ect . the best advice i
can give you is to be yourself and stay consistent . don't smother her
but show her enough attention to feel special . keep a smile on her face
and do things that make her feel good . for a heart to be fond of
someone you have to stand out from the rest . and always always ALWAYS !
be honest !! especially if she wants you to be . liars are the biggest
no go ever . you have to reach a certain point of trust . but umm i know
you prolly know most of this but i hope i helped a lil bit =/ lol . good
luck to you and finding your loyal loving female :)

& ps - these are growing pains . i love , i live , and i learn . i may
be mad or hurt when i post it but after i solve or we discuss the
situation , how i feel always changes . i blog my thoughts and feelings
of the moment. they're never definates , always destined to change .


Reggie said...

I still love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Nuff said...believe it or not your advice spoke volumes to me,especially when you typed"judge her character"something like that lol,but that some real talk 'cause I be stuck on the outside of a female too hard but a nuff 'bout me this your blog lol just wanted a different female point of veiw someone who didnt know me that's all but keep blogging how you blog and venting,which I didnt take heed to until you mentioned so from this point on im silently reading with no ASSumptions.

P.S you might need to write a book,'Cause I assure you its a lot of males out here who need to know that its some genuine females out here who love for real not just for show.real talk