im back again =D

ughh, im still chillin in tha library lol .
times moving hella sloww .
phones on 2 bars so im trying to avoid using it .
im gonna get off at 130 lol .

so sitting on here listening to muuusic makes me miss my mtfckinn cpu!!
i needa gotdamnn ipod >:o
im soo lame for not having one .
i shoulda made my dad buy me one when i lived with himm .
oh well .

i dont even have shit to say lmao . im jus tryna stay out tha fuckin sun
its like 103 degrees today . its fukin september can we get some cloudy skies already ??

im sad . i miss having a boyf already .
idk why i dislike being single so much .
i just love that feeling of belonging to someone i guess
like knowing that they wanna be with me . . .
whatever tho .

in other news , zahkeem wrote me a letter before he left for basic training . .
i was contemplating posting it but idk .
ill think about it .

anyways , im bout to go . after this song ends =D
omggggggg i misss draaakeeeee :'(
i miss fucking music lol
im sittin here straight groovin in ma chair , lip syncing n shit
lol .
i love music i get all happy shit .

but yeaaaaaaaaaa . im done i guess .

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мiмi =) said...

to be honest, no one truly likes to be alone. and the people who say they are fine with it, have just given up and are just setteling, but as soon as the next thing smoking comes along, they will hope aboard. so your not the only one. i hate being alone, i have cried over it before, its just a weird ass feeling, especially if you have been with someone for a while, damn there everday, then to suddenly not have that person, yeah, i can relate.not now, but i know i was at the stage in life. whats even worse, is when your in a relationship and your alone, been there with my childs father, like i was just fixture in his life, so like i said i feel you, your not alone, in the sense of the feeling, just keep your head up sweetie, and use this time alone, to truly find yourself and find out what you want for yourself, learn to satisfy yourself instead of satistying everyone else. you'll be ok.