school life . . .

sucks aSS !

all these people that were "supposebly" going here . . .
why caant i find em !??
im going to end up dispising tues & thurs til i get a car cus i have a 2 hour gap btwn my 1st & 2nd class and nooooo friends to chill with .
gaaaaaay .
im not big on friends . so no im not a hypocrite but damn . i could enjoy a damn conversation .
so ive decided tha next boy [yea ! boy ! cus they tha only ones that talk to me -- no surprise] im gonna start a convo with and become friends with :)

lmao , whatever .
anyways , tmobile is being a pain in my ass cus everytime theres a problem with my phone they have to "reset it " then the web guard comes baaaack on my internet . so noooooow . its not coming off & customer service gon tell me i need to go to a store cus they cant "verify" my age !
bitch ! do i sound 12 !???? seriously .
askin for all ma fuckin info , like just take tht shit off !
matter fact i think ima go on my tmobile after i post this n take tht shit off .

so yeaa . its 1252 , class is at 2 . & since my webguard is blocking out blogger on my phone ima catch up on some readingg .

ta ta for nowww :)

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