its always greeater laater .

so you should smile :) i haven't posted in awhile so i figured i should
do a quick update for my religious readers :)

as you noticed i changed my blog title again .
you guys know how i am with change .
so i always change it according to how im feeling in life at tha time .
and i settled with 'lost in translation' .
bc a lot of times my thoughts or views are lost in translation to the
next person .
i always have to end up explaining why i did or said something tha way i
did . bt that's okay . bc i want people to understand the real meaning
my life consists of school and him .
i go to school monday thru thursday .
and even tho i have 2 classes everyday btwnn class and doing papers
after skool & commuting its like a fuckin 9 to 5 .
im sooo exhausted everyday . but i guess my bodys still adjusting .
hopefully by this month ill be koo .

my love life is difficult but well worth it . its a constant battle
btwnn understanding and misunderstanding .
surprise and misfortune and growth .
its crazy , cus everyday its something . but everyday we have another
talk . which results in another understanding to my man and his love for
me .
i was mad that we weren't together anymore but on another note its like
were still growing so its kinda good that were learning before were in
our relationship and our relationship stresses . i want all stress to
dissapate before were back together bc my ultimate goal is happiness ,
and he gives me that .

on a more personal note , ill be 21 on october 14th :)
another two weeks and change . im excited . were supposed to spend that
weekend together . we better . shiiid . lol . but october is also i
think tha month i started blogging , so tht means my one year is
comminnggg :) whoot whoot ! lol . but yeaa i got homewrk . ill post
sooner than later :)


Ashley said...

welcome back, and happy early birthday (just in case you don't post)... my sister's birthday is the same day.

Anonymous said...

You are so cute....pretty smile!!!