12:54am .

well we talked today . we argued . we're better lol .
i told him about how i felt n he listened .
he reassured me that im jus overthinking .
nooot to sound like everythings perfect cus anything could happen . BUT.
how sure he sounded when he said it made me a believer .
i said i HOPE it works . he said IT IS so stop trippin .
i just said okay . all i wanted was him to know how i felt and to agree
or disagree .
my fingers stay crossed .
then after that we got into it over a tootally different subject .
which was all a misunderstanding .
he always thinks i like to argue but i hate it .
unless im extremelyyyyy mad i always punk out cus id rather make him
happy then mad .
i just feel a certain way sometimes and he doesn't always see what i see
until i bring it to his attention .
he understood and apologized and i respected that .
i love the fact we can actually talk about our problems and recognize
when we fuck up and fix the situation .
it makes our love stronger and to me it makes it so much more worth
fighting for .
I've never met anyone like him . and we bump heads like were supposed to
. i do dumb shit . he does dumb shit . but at the end of the day we love
each other and i feel it . im glad he has my heart rather anybody else
i just never wanna be taken for granted , cus i stay on my p's & q`s
beleeeve that . don't ever try to play angelica cus i willll get to the
bottom of w.e aint right one way or another . lmao . i think that fcks
me up sometimes tho . its insecurities . . . im so used to getting
played that i look for it before it happens . and it causes problems . .
.im working on it tho . i really am . i wanna just be able to trust
someone and not worry . but i can't do it just yet . not until im back
in a relationship and i feel like im secure .
anyways . . .im not worried about it . our relationship is worth it :)
and we work together so at least its not just me by myself . well im
done rambling lol . im sleepy . gnitee . update yall sooner then later

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Reggie said...

*prays for the best*