september twentyeighth , two twenty pm .

holaa .
im boreed , waiting on tha bus so i decided to post .
just got outta skool (on time) for oncee lol ,
i didn't have any dumb papers to type so today was a awesome day
condering i had a test in my 1st class and all we had to do was take it
then leave , and in my 2nd class we just watched movies lol .
im feelin it .
its a nice ass day weather wise too !
not toooo hot but sunny and windy and yeaa its just nice .
i got my shorts shades and sandals on lookin nicee .
lol .
my thighs are getting sunburned as we speak >:o
lol . i wentn got me a cup a water frm thiss food place cus i have an
obsession with ice .
i bring a cup to school n my purse jus so i can go to tha cafeteria and
fill it up wit ice out tha soda machine lol .
but umm yea , i dnt even have shit to say , im just tryna pass time .
bout to go home n find something to eat then prolly go to sleep .
im anticipating my birthdaay ! man . it needs to hurry up lol . forreals
ugh and im bout to freeze to death on this fucking bus cus they got
shields on tha windows and tha ac on fullblast , and its prolly only 75
degrees , smh . goshh .
well ill be back sooner than laterr , bye lovess .

ps - im back to curls :D


---layd ♥ said...

hey. new follower here. i like your bloqs. well thats all i really wanted to say.

---layd ♥

Qu33n Kam... said...

hey Jellie i jus caught myself up on ur blog i havent read it in a long time nor have i been writing on mine,, but in all im glad ur in school like u wanted and ur good w/ james and z for the most part...jus take it all in and be happy about the fact ur life is goin up,, and i like james he seems cool,, but dont think ur alone becuz im jus like u emotional and sensitive the same way thats why i love readin ur blog,,its like im readin about me lolz,,take care

jaassnnaa said...