just thinkingg . . .

i don't have shit else to do and i been reading blogs for the past 4
hours so i might as well post my own .
my last ones haven't been real posts lol .
as of right nowwww . . .
im just laying here watching all my moms favorite sci-fi movies with her
& her "sick" husband .
sick is in quotations bc he's sick just about every other week which is
another way to say "i need an excuse to be lazy and act like a big ass
man baby" .
psht , spare me .
im sucha bitch , lol .
the irony of is that i really don't care . .
soo . . .this blog is just gonna be ramblings n such lol .
i.'ll start with today .

so today is thursday , in other words my last skool day out tha weeek .
yesss , i have no skool on fridays which means i get to sleep in lol . i
digreess .
i must tell you guys about being violated at skool lol .
so , i was by the library chrging my phone before class and what not im
sitting there aiming my homie & sis . so here comes this asian boy
that's tryed to get at me previously ( btw , im not racist lol all my
bfs are usually mixed but he's full asian and that's just not usual for
me to get hollered at by one , i digress .) soo this iis what happened .
. .

[he stops walking]
him : hey don't i know you ? :)
me : no , not really .
him: yes i do [lifts my glasses up] you that fine ass girl from the
library .
me: yeaa , i guess so .
him : damn you sittin here lookin all good . mmm mm mmm ! [licks lips]
you so damn sexy !
me : aha .[blank stare]
him : [leans into my knee with his pelvis] so what was your number again

* quick note ; im sitting on a ledge & he's standing *

me : i never gave it to you . you gave me yours .
him : oh yea ! you don't never be txtin me .
me : i know . i don't text much . [ lies lol]
him : oh you aim ? what's yo aim ?
me : [ignores him]
him : [rubs his dick on my knee trying to be discreet] so wassup?
me : [feels hard dick on my knee , & now violated] nothing i have a
boyfriend .
hhim : damn ! forreal? he lucky i know he be smashin that real nicee !
me : aha . [blink blink]
him : i would love to get up in that . you so damn sexy , i love
chocolate .
me : [still blinking and trying to aim]
him : so can i walk you to class ?
me : nah im good i can manage .
him : oh okay , well i was jus sayin wassup . ill see you around
beautiful .
me : ok bye . [ releases long sigh & a nervous laugh .]

the end .

now is it jus me or should i be worried lmao .
like . . i know i can make a dick hard but sheesh !
just by sitting there looking preety ?
i must be getting good , lol .
everyone found it funny . and it was after tha fact but like why was he
tryna be sly and show me his dick was hard ?? like wtf was he thinking
??? ugh . pervert . moving along .

i took my first anatomy quiz today gotta 7 outta 8 . whatev .5 to 7 page
paper due in philosophy tues . blahh . schools kinda boring , kinda cool
lol . im only looking forward to that fucking check ! :] ah yess . but i
still have 2 months soooo that's a ways . . .

my sex life is dormant and my sex drive is like a fuckin ferarri lmao .
I've been celibate since . . . a long ass time ago & its about that time
. people think just cus im pretty i get lots of dick , ummm i SHOULD !
lmao but i don't . whyyyyy have i been celibate ? bc i refuse to jus
have random sex with bomb niggas . i told myself next time i have sex
its gone be special and with someone special . so just for the record
all these things you heard about james and z , neither of them have beat
& im still loved :) that's real love .
me and james WILL be engaging soon , more than likely for my birthday .
lmao . hopefully sooner . but yea ill be sure to possibily post on that
:) moving on. . .

i miss james . i mean i miss our being together relationship . being
friends isn't so bad bc it feels like were still together bt that's like
poison cus were NOT . lol . i wont be at ease til things are back the
way they're supposed to be . and when they are im making sure nothing
goes wrong . just bc next time something like this happens ima flip tf
out lol . period . but yea i miss my babe . i just wanna lay in his arms
and cuddle til i fall asleep :( that's all . until i wake up , then
that's when it getspoppin lmao . jp . kinda >:)

anyways . i have a headache due to 2nd hand smoke and exhaustion . im
prolly gon hit tha sack . be back soon lovess :)