update .

lmao .
im good .
actually laughing at myself for how bipolar i look :(
but i really felt like that at that point and time .
so i don't feel sorry for how i felt . buuut ,
thank you to micah :) for that comment cus yea , i agree . things aren't
really as serious now that i look at it . im good .

on that note , im nott bipolar . well at least i dnt think i am :-/ . im
happy . and have a nice night ! goodnite !

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micAh! said...

glad to see you're on the up and up now! At 1st when I re-read my OG comment I was like "damn I might be going in on her a bit hard".

glad to see it helped..

side note: ALL WOMEN are bi-polar! LMAO