bus ride .

soo ,
im bored on tha bus omw home from my school cus i had to go purchase my
books n pay my fees today cus it was the dealine so my classes wouldnt
get dropped .
so i was on a very low budget since my mom is on ssi & my dad is so
selfish and doesn't like to give his ONLY daughter any cashflow .

he sent me 300$ .
my books totaled 440$ .
right .
4 classes = 6 books .
six fuckin books >:o .
i had to pay my 27$ worth of fees soo .
i could only afford 4 out of 6 books .
right .
meaning i don't have a book for 2 of my classes .
* screams & cries .
wtffffff .
the 2 books im missing total about 300$ + if i can't find them used
somewhere . & that's IF and ONLY IF my dad forks out another 300$ . =/

my financial aid doesn't come til november 20 .
classes end december 18 .
isn't that convienient ?

ughh mann fuuuck .
theeeen after i stressed on this book shit .
i waited in the admissions line to get my id for about 40 mins to find
out there id system isDOWN>:o
like . WTF ! could they have put that on a big ass sign or mad an
announcement for the inconvience of all the mtfckin students standin in
100+ degree weather for this bitch ass school .

all this means is on my first day of skool .
which is monday tha 31st .
after my 2 classes i have to go back and wait AGAIN .
all so i can use my student id to ride the buss for FREE !
cus a all day pass cost 4$ and 20$ a week for the bus aint in my budget

i went to bed at 330 .
woke up at 10 .
im tired . its about 110 degrees outside .
there's this ratchet ass square / loser nigga wit some black like doc
martin style boots n a button up wit fuckin sword fish on it , a
messenger bag , some knock off gucci glasses n some cornrowsa tryna chop
it up with me .

* long sigh .

i hate having to be the rude bitch .
i was nice for about 5 mins just being humanly cordial .
til he started talkin about sprinkling water on me to "cool me down"

* blank stare .

spare me . i started blogging to keep myself occupied . then he says . "
so what game are u playing?" . like none nigga ! damn ! get out my shit

im sad cus ii can't talk to my bby cus he workin a 12 hour shift today .
545 am to 6 pm . which means i come 2nd priority after SLEEP . lol . :(
prolly wont talk to him til about 9 . ughhh im sooo stresssed :(

i need some anxiety meds .
I'll be str8 around november , money wise .
hopefully skool doesn't stress me out to tha n-th degree .
i have a headache . & on top of that im sweating . ugh .
ill bbL .

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quynnief.baybee said...

=/...feell better..does cali have financial aid? but n e ways go on amazon they be od cheap but its jsut the shipping that somewhat sucks,but its still better than buying from the school or bookstore that beats u in the head...n when u go to school see if they need office work done or go to the career office so they can give u credits and cash :)...but yeah dont be sad.not that saying that helps.lol.but seriously feel better :)