emotions .

i haaate being emotional .
i hate it .
im too sensitive .
too nonchalant .
too insensitive .
too hurt .
too mad .
too sad .
too much !
i hate it .
and when it happens its just extreme .
i can't help it .
its just how i feel .
i do shit without thinking .
or well i think about it .
i just don't think long enough to think of tha repercussions of my
actions .
i just noticed im very jealous .
and never used to be .
not jealous of things liike other people .
but jealous of tha people i like givin attention to other girls .
i shouldn't be that way but i am .
im selfish .
i want all your attention . and all your time .
all your affection and all your conversation .
all your love and all your care .
period .
i don't wanna share u .
i don't mind you talkin to other bitchhes .
but if i feel like im on a pedestal don't break my shit by letting me
know im not tha only one .
cus then that jealousy bcomes insecurity .
why ?
why should i be jealous or insecure for that matter ?
cus of my past .
cus im always tha one to get left or played for someone else .
cus im too nice and too passive .
cus im too sensitive to let myself get hurt .
so then i get mad and angry cus im mad about tha situation .
its all a cover up tho
im mad because i AM hurt . . . .

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