public service announcement .

this psa is a shouutout to all the men in the world that are straate
bitches !
bitch niggas . nigga bitches . whatever you wanna call em .
i hate them .
a fuckin disgrace to mankind .
i hate a man that isn't a man .
not man enough to hold that title proudly .
niggas that do bitch shit included .

i just had to throw that out there cus i can't fuckin stand my moms
husband . if there was a bitch ass people club , he would be the
president . smh .
his m.o ?
whine . complain . bitch . complain . whine . bitch .
he`s a fucking leech . leeching off my mom .
how she fell in lovee with him is beyond me , but hey that's her man .
she gotta deal with him .
i refuse .
todays his birthday and he's been moping around and complaining all day
wanna throw a big bitch fit because my sister went to jack in the box
and didn't buy him anything .
lmao ! are you kidding me ? nobodies obligated to spend THEIR money on
YOU . birthday or not .
i thought it was funny .
im such a rude ass bitch . so ruthless ! i love it ! >:]
im sorry but i don't condone men acting like females , nor self pitying
themselves for sympathy .
bitch , i don't sympathize !
lmao .
im cooold . yeaaa , so be it . i like it this way .
i could do without anyones presence in MY presence .
shit , i enjoy my solitude . call me a loser . call me a loner . yep !
im allla that AND a bag a chips and 3 cookies nigga !
i digress :)

men that act , condone , emulate any type of female activity .
is a BITCH .
that's a no go .
i support a man . A MAN .
if you have no pride in that , hm . shame !


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

lol mannn
my step dad be actin the same way
i be tellin my momshe might as well have married a woman && been a lez the way he be actin like a female lol

micAh! said...

LMAO @ a grown ass man being salty cuz someone ain't bring him back some shit from Jack In The Crack..wow

Yves said...

Lmfao @ bitch ass people club