douuble thaa trouublee .

got my heart broke 2 days in a row .
i have tha best luck don't i ?
can't even cry cus im numb .
ill feel that shit in about a hour .
when it slaps tha shit outta me .
& i cry for about a hour goin over coulda shoulda woulda`s .
i fucked myself over bt
i can seriously say i feel heartless .
that shit is gone .
shattered n a billion pieces .
and who's gonna put it back together ???
nobody .
bcus nobody cares abt angelica`s heart .
& im not .
cus id be better off without it .
i wanna say i hate you cus that's how i feel .
but im not . cus i don't think i do . but im not sure yet .
im speechless .
i can't believe this happened .
well actually i can .
i knew it was gon happen and that's why i can't feel shit .
i call it like i see it .
and im not gonna blame it on love .
but yes i am .
fuck love . im through with that emotion .
it always ends tha same way . . . in h e a r t b r e a k .

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.domo. said...

things will get better :/ only way form here is up..im sorry you feel like this though