august sixteenth , eleven thirty four pm .

blah .
i feel sick .
this whooole day SUCKED !
lets seeee .
woke up talked to thaa boo .
he signed off * in the middle of tha convo .
never came back .
this was around uh 1145am ish .
soo , i say whatever . go baack to sleep .
i figure whatever ill jus sleep til he comes back so
i sleep til i can't anymore and get up at 3 .
decide to go to my neighbors house cus i need to print out my schedule
at skool to get my books .
& i of course , no longer have a damn cpu .
soo , she's not there so i go back home & make me some food .
i eat , i get bored . i lay back down .
& i go back to sleep . i wake up its 5 somn .
i go back to sleep .
i hear my phone and wake up to see "bby " ."bbyy "
so its now 7 ish .
im irritated that he's been gon all day n he says the cpu shut off on
him . * his shit always be trippin , raggety ass shit lol .
then his moms came over to spend tha day with him .
sooo , i wasn't as mad as i wouldve been .
but nonetheless still annoyed .
so they still had to go out to dinner .
which i appreciate he even told me what happened . but im mad at the
fact he had to leave again .
i shouldn't even be mad .
but that's jus me . lol . i jus miss him i guess .
he NEED to get his phone fixed ! yes nigga i said it !
lol .
but anywways . its 1142 . and at this point im feelin like ill probably
not hear from him til morning .
in which . he will get to deal with my 2 day worth attitude :)
but yea .
not that anything i said was even relevant .
im jus bored . bout to braid my lil cuzin hair since he finally fell
asleep . that lil nigga tenderheaded like a muhfucka ! lol .
but yea . . ..be back whenever .

ps . - i neeed seeexxxxxxx . :-/ lmaooo .
not that yall caare but damn .
im not even gon blast myself on how long its been . but uhh . celibacy
aint noo joke .
hopefully i wont be for too much longer ;) we'll seeee . bye !

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NIC-KIA said...

celibacy....mann i couldnt do it...