so . .

im thinking lol .
i have 21o followers and everything i talk about is sad .
so either you guys enjoy my misery . love hearing me complain . or im
not tha only person going thru this crazy shit .
i really appreciate everyone that listens [reads] especially considering
that i don't know yall lol .
yall tight tho !
but um ima post a more typical post today .
i went up to my skool to get some paperwork out tha way for my financial
aid n althought they already gave me my award that shit don't get
disbursed til NOVEMBER2oTH ! whaat thee fuuck !
smfh . classes start on tha 31st & i have to register for my classes
tommw .
i have a 300$-$600 boardofgovernorsfee award that i could use to pay for
classes til my fanancial aid kicks n but got daamn ! a bitchh gotta eat
! lmao . jp .
but nahh she said i might have to pay for my book outta pocket likeee .
bitch if i had money to pay outta pocket i wouldnt even have financial
aid . smh .
so im lookin forward to november2oth :-D .
hopefully i get alllll my mooneeey ! yesss !
well if i do have to come outta pocket it wont be mines .
ill be calling daddy dearest , * smirk .
and he better fork it out .
homie don't play that shit !
shooooot .
but besides that , im excited about skool :)
i love learning because knowledge is endless & nobody can take it away
it mighta took a bitchh a extra 3 years to get her shit together but im
hereee ! and im ready to get shit poppin ! cheeea ! lmao . im suchaa
nerd .
only thing im NOT looking forward to . . .ESSAYS & RESEARCH papers !
ugh . don't get me wrong , cus ima reader & writer . I've always
excelled n that area . always got A`s in englishh .
but i like to jus write freely . fuck guidelines and proper presentation
. lol .
i digresssss .
lol . i always do that shit . lmao .
im bout to relax and watch a movie with my mommy .
the pursuit of happyness :) i hope my son comes out that cute ! will
smiths son is sooooo adorable !
im bout to make somn to eat .
that is all .

oh & btw , someone picked up the pieces & put them back together :)
details at a later date !

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M$ Toya said...

Girl yes you are not alone, we all go thru this crazy shit called love! You are so young though, you remind me of myself when I was about your age. I used to be so in love or at least I thought it was love but as I look back I can tell you, you will fall in & out of love so many times that one day you'll just get used to it! Trust me I'm 30 now & I've been going thru it since I was like 18. If I had the chance to do it all over again, I would just focus on me and doing everything that makes me happy and enjoy life to the fullest cause men they come and go! Just stay focused on you!!!!!!!