update - august twentienth , three thirty three am .

soooo , i realized im getting back into the habit of late night blogging
when i get bored =/
ahh , w.e i figure i have 210 followers and i have to keep you guys
entertained somehow correct ?
cus for some reason i think i follow like 80-90 people and only tha same
15% post regularly .
* blank stare .
HELLLOOOOO ! come baaack !
smfh .
my computer may be outta commission and i can't leave comments from my
phone but a bitch still reads at leeast 3 times daily !
i love my blogs :) so with that said im gonna drop a feww of tha newest
blogs i follow 'unofficially' because i haven't been on tha cpu to
follow them . BUT they ARE bookmarked and saved in my phone :) & most of
them follow me ! HI NEW FOLLOWEE`s :) !

[no specific order .]

1. Colliquial Language [thinkgohard.blogspot.com] .
2. Life and Times of Beanz [coreybeanz.blogspot.com] .
3. REGGIE [reggieiscrazy.blogspot.com] < i missed ur blog too ! .
4. A Man's Thoughts [tjbytheway.blogspot.com] .
5. The BabyDaddy Diaries [babydaddydiaries.blogspot.com] .
6. The Gold Safety Pin ! [goldsafetypin.blogspot.com] .
7. The Industry Shakedown [theindustryshakedown.blogspot.com] .

NOW . if you are not following these blogs you have no sense of humor or
intellect =P yea i said it !

now on to more typical of posts , my fascinating bt stressful life :)
my relationship is going good , besides minor arguments that have been
happening damn near this wholeee week ! but hey . that's a relationship
for ya .
where's tha love if there's no arguments ? that's my baby & im happy .

ex ? we're good , for the most part . he finally accepted the fact im in
another relationship . so yeaa . that's cool . [ sidenote : i only post
about him still cus i know yall be wondering . boyf gets annoyed now lol
sry babe ]

school starts on thee 31st . which is 11 days & i still have tooo ;

a) get my dad to send me 300$ [or somn close to that amount] for my
books .
b) go buy my books & pay my health & student fees [total:27$] .
c) go get my i.d & go to fuckin wells fargo and correct my account where
this dumb bitch forgot the "e" in angelica ! smh . [yea yea , i
should've noticed , so what i didn't , sue me .]
d) did anybody pay attn to tha fact i have 0$ to my name ? and have been
unemployed since 2oo8>:o !!! [recession MY ASS , this is a DEPRESSION

then on top of alllllll that . i have NO clothes and like 3 pairs of
shoes * teardrop . financial aid willll be nice ! too bad that shit
doesn't even touch my bank account til the END of NOVEMBER .

ugh . guess i wont be a cool kid my 1st year of college lmao . this is
worse then high school . lmao at least i stayed wit new shit every
couple weeks .

ahhh , i miss those days . . .

so considering i wont be anyone interesting since im broke n clothesless
, im at least happy i have a boyf so boys are irrelevant by faar ,
especially since i don't talk to boys that live in this area of southern
cali . [ inland empire KILLA! ; i lovee LA boyyyssss :D]
nothing but school , school , & more school to focus on !
my goal this semester is a 3.0 . i averaged a 3.33 in hs .
but i DID have a 4.0 for 2 semesters my junior year !

* don't sleep on ya girl ! 8-) ima beaast in tha books !

but um yeaa , this post is getting lonnng . as most of my posts are
which is amusing that i have 210 ppl who actually read my ramblings ,
MUCH appreciated :)
especially since i don't supply alotta pictures for yall to look at ,
beside myself >>im NOT conceited NOR celf-centered . but its MY blog and
yall mtfckas need to see me when im talkin ! :) its not like im ugly or
anything . well im hoping not , in anyones opinion lmao .and if you
think i am FUCK YOU ! and on that note , have a nice night :)