yuu LiVEE && yuu LEARNN .

soo ,
lifee is all about qrowinqq ritee ?
livinnqq , learninqq , ect .
&& i meann likee
everyonee knowss thiss bt ppl constantlyy complainn about lifee ,
likee itss supposedd to be deliveredd on a silver platter .
im not qonna complainn cuss in all honestyy
i complainn alot , bt i knoww tht itss my fault whyy my lifee is the way it iss
to actually be ablee to acknowledqee tht you aree the controller of yer ownn destinyy
is empowerinqq .
im just onn "idlee" modee ritee noww .
i knoww exactlyy what i need to do to achievee my completee happiness ,
i just havent done it yet .
thenn theress personal issuess , evryonee hass em .
itss humann naturee .
whether itss family related , love related , friend related , work relatedd.
theres alwayss qonna be some type of conflict .
nothinqss perfect .
itss all about how yuu qo about dealinq with it .
i thinkk ppl qivee upp too easilyy .
yer qonna try and fail && try and fail beforee yuu qet wheree yuu wanna be .
all qood thinqqs come with time rite??

well thtss what they sayy at least .
i can say as far as my lovee lifee tht was truee .
im the extremelyyyy lovinq typee && all ive ever wanted to do is just qivee all my love to someonee ,
bt it jus never worked out mutually .
ive had major crushess sincee likee the 7th gradee .
&& i didnt find mutual lovee til i was 20 .
its beautiful .
itss likee all thosee lovey dovey ass moviess yuu've seen beforee ,
yuu can relate to .
its likee everytime i watchin a moviee and they start cryin over lovee ,
it touchess me cus i know how they feel && i can put myself in the situationn .
lol .
its crazyy .

i meann i knoww i usedd to sit and wonder likee ,
how can ppl lovee me ? why would they lovee me ?
likee do they really lovee mee ?
lol .
its just mindblowinqq when i actually sit && REALIZE
how muchh i lovee my bf && how muchh he lovess me BACK.
imm so blessedd :]
cuss ive seen many ppl in diff relationshipss where they were in lovee
bt i rarely see a couplee thats as happy as uss .
ever sincee ive met himm ive literally secluded myself from
lifee cus i feel completee like ive found everythinq .

i dont really drink anymore ,
i dont smoke ,
i dont qo out ,
i dont post up ,
i stay in the housee .
everyone thinkss its because of him ,
likee hes tellin me not to do anythinqq .
bt hes not . he doesnt care if i qo out .
bt i jus dont feel the need for all tht shit anymoree .
im 20 years old i been drinkin and smokin since i was 12 .
i been partyinn sincee i was 13 .
i meann ,
wtf am i really missin ?
ppl qo out to meet neww ppl && have funn .
ive met all the ppl i need in my lifee && i havee my own funn .
i literally have like only 5 ppl i talk to on a daily basis .
&& im fine withh it .
ppl can talk all the shit they want about me .
&& i could really care less .
i dont feel like im missinq anythinq i havent seen beforeee .
im content .
thatss all tht matterss ritee ?

im livinn my lifee , i suqqest everyonee doess tht .
livee your lifee .
stopp concerninq yourself with everyone elseess && what they doinn .
what doess the next mtfckaa have to do withh yuu ?????
exactly .
im livinn , im learninn , im lovinnn :]
aree yuuu ?????


Jervis said...

yes i am,i like your writing because you express EVERYTHING. You dont miss a beat, you put your blog to good use. I enjoy it.

Reggie said...

You are a beast....I wish I could express my feelings like this!!!!:)