boredomm killzz.

smh .
mann .
i do not BELEEEEVE how damnn boredd i amm .
im likee ,
actually tired .
lol .
i think itss cuss i dont have anyone to talk to .
wheree thee fck iss everybodyyyy>:O

shit .
im likee listenin to music && shit ,
myspacee is soo wack .
them niqquhss be talkin bout the same shit .
blah blah blah .
i be like yeaaaaaaaa.
[end of conversation]
lol .
ferreal .
i wishh i had l ' s .
i wouldnt even be hereee !
man , im fckn 20 wit no license .
what kinda bullshit is tht ?
lol . i cant drive fer shit tho .
im one of those nervous drivers .
lol .
i be tryna play it cool .
bt i be likee ohh shit .
lol .
but thts only cuss ima fass driver . my minumum is 40mph .
lol .
i hate drivin slower than tht it feels like slow motion .
shit .
my mama be like sloww the fck down fat foot !
lol .
ohh well , ima havee hella ticketss when i qet my l's =/
sooooooooo yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ,
im jus talkin cuss im bboreeddddd .

we ' re supposed to be movinn in jan when the lease is upp .
shit .
i hatee these fcknn aptss all my homiess den movedd out .
&& someone i know jus movedd inn but idc about tht niqquh .
im juss like uqhh .
cann we move already ?!
im postponin all the shit i need to do til we movee .
like find anothr jooob .
whichh i needd the MOST .
bt whatss the point of findin one out here if we bout to move away ?
i dont feel like doin all tht shit .
bt i wanna jobbbbbb !
im qoin fuckin crzy wit out one !
i have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to muchh time on my hands !
like .
wow .
i wanna qo back to school in the summer=]
i miss school !
i love learninq .
as soon as i qet my jobb toqether , school is next on the list .
im excited .
hopefully everythinq qoess qood .
if it turnss out like this moval lifee im livinn,
ima qo shoot myself .
itss sooo uqhh outheree .
i hateeeeeee it .
smh .
hate aint even the right word !
lol .
homee of the unemployedd .
thts what i call it .
i needa bee in the fass laness of a biqq cittyy withh biqq cityy liqhtss=]
i miss qoinn out shit .
i usedd to be out every damn weekendd .
now i juss sit in the housee && be borinq .

i kindaa miss the partyy lifee .
bt now i qotta fckedd up hip && knee .
so i cant dancee like i want . so i bee qettin pissed off cuss i cant .
i be like all yuu dancin mthafckass aint tight !
[hatinn lwky]
lmao .
i aint trippinn , i post upp && look bomb =]

but yeaaa .
idk .
i quess im done .
lol .
i couldd talk forever .

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Jervis said...

good to see that u want to learn,thats rare nowadays