x mass [k] !

mann ,
todayy was some bullshit .
i swear .
likee my dayy really endedd on a sour ass notee .
this morninq was all finee and dandyy :]
happy , funn , ect .
thenn theree was a pivotinq turnn when i decidedd i dint wanna qo to ma auntie housee no moree
i wanted to stay home and cupcakee with ddy .
bt noooooooo .
my mom was at the door like "qotdammit anqelica ! cmon now ! "
likee fuck .
man .
thenn my bby was mad cus i was leavinn him .
so then i hadda fucked up attitudee the whole time we was at ma auntie house .
cus i wanted to be at home ,
i get back homee ,
likee , mannnn ,
i apoloqizedd , everythinqq !
&& he was not havinn it
gavee me the straight silent treatment
&& i HATEE beinq iqnoredd
&& i HATEE whenn hes mad at me
especially when its somn i did .
all i wantedd to do was talk to himm && laughh &&
be the lovee sprunq person i usually am
bt insteadd i was sad, && frustratedd && plainn jus
sad !
likee i really must have hurt hiss feelins for him to be tht mad at me =/
i know he wont be mad forever bt likee
it totally ruinedd my xmass nitee .
now i qotta see what happenss todayy .
im hopinn for the bess ....


Reggie said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! You were supposed to have a "MERRY" xmas!!!

But I loves ya!!

The DIVA said...

Okay! But why was he mad @ you, your Mother was telling you to come on, and it wasn't your fault.
Momma's come first even when you don't feel like being bother and just want to chill
He'll get over it!