onee week recapp .

soooo .
my cpu was brokee fer a fcknn week .
so yuu knowwwww ,
i qot hellaaa shit to updatee yall onn .
lol .

soo ,
first off i was miserablee ,
cus if yuu knoww mee , yuu knoww the cpu is my bessfriendd ,
lol .
so one wholeeeee week withh no cpu was likee a knife to the heart .
i swear , i cryedd frm lonliness .
hahhaha .
i dont talk on the phonee like i used too so no cpu meant no aim && no myspace .
smh .
lol .
but most importantlyy , no 5 hour conversationss with ma bbyddy :[
i was depressedd . lol .

i got somn i need yall opinion onn but ima bloq about tht separate cus its qonna be lonqq && i want yall feedback :]
soooo , itss qood to be back :]

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