lmao .

wtf i look like a mtfknn JOKE ?!
thiss niqquh said , i need a break .
smhh .
a B R E A K ?
wtf is tht ?
a mtfcknn excusee for wantinn to be sinqlee real quickk && fck some bxtchhess then come back whenn yuu readyy !
i wasnt born yesterday .
lmao .
if onlyy he knew .
how many niqquhss are on my mthfuckinn bumper !
wantinq what he hass .
damn .
would i be wronq if i took advantaqe of tht ?
yeaa i would .
bt would he , of couse he wouldnt !
cuz thtss a bxtchh ass double standard .
qot me fckedd upp .

he took me to hell and back tonitee .
to say , i wanna a break , yer qettinq on my nervess .
thats funny ,
hilariouss .
i alwayss wonderedd if i qavee him too much attentionn ,
but how am i supposedd to know if he never said anythinq?
i wondered if pourinq my heart out to himm && tellinq him how i truly felt was a mistake .
in some wayss it wass .
never do tht ladiess !
i did what i alwayyss tell ma homeqirlss not to do .
let him take advantaqe of your heart , cuz he knowss youll alwayss be theree .

i feel so disrespectedd . i swear .
that dont even matter tho i quess .
im alivee .
im sinqlee .
the questionn iss , should i take advantaqee of tht ?
or should i do what i normally wouldd && bee the faithful foolish qf ,
that alwayss does the right thinq ?

who knowss .
heartbrokee for the 47637489394 timee in lifee .
but thiss was like my first real one .
he;s my first true love .
&& i want him back .
the person i was talkin to tonitee ; wasnt himm .

i miss him alreadyyy .
ima mess .


Jervis said...

nah, keep doing the right thing, the right thing dont mean do what he do. figure yurrself out, give it sometime. and fuck that double standard shit, karma will take care of that

nt skinne n e mo said...

yeh i think you should keep doing what you doing. if he really loves you he would come back.

i rember when i said i wanted to take a break && not just to fk anotha nigga or have a excuse but to just let him feel how it is to be without me. it lsted about a weak.

but you are too cute [nohomo] &&
seem like a real cool grl it would be his lost.