so , i quess thiss is qoodbyee . i never really kneww yuu tht well sincee yuu livedd so far awayy , i only met yuu twicee . i only talked to yuu every blue moon . i feel kinda badd we never really qot to know each other . cus maybe we couldve been closer . i always felt like i knew grandpa better . he always was the one to send me money , && when i came out there he was the one tht took me out . but i cant hold tht against you . i wont . i still love youu . your in a better place now :] i wishh i wass theree . i hopee yer happy tht yuu and qpaa are finally toqetherr again =]
iLyuu quyss .

[p$] i lovee yuu qranny && papa alsoo . i miss yuu quyss too . especially yuu qranny . i think about yuu oftenn . mom misses yuu . evertime she talkss about yuu she cryss . i try to keep my tears back , but i cry inside . i wishh i couldve talked to yuu before yuu diedd . imy . && iLy .
see yuu soon :-*

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