. . . .

[siqhh .]
sooo i was kind off tryinq to avoidd writinq a bloqq juss bcuss im boredd .
lol .
bt shit .
i dont have anythinq better to do ,
withh all this liquor inn ma housee im thinkin bout drinkinn jus to pass timee .
shit .
lol .
well ,
itss xmass evee .
>> m errr y x masss yall =] <<<

so i went wit ma mama && stepdadd earlier to qo buy some final qiftss ,
&& it wasnt as badd as i thouqhtt .
bt fc k
lol .
i was qettinn irritated as hell ,
i cant stand crowdss ,
likee the kindd wheree every where yuu turnn && try to walk itss a fuckin personn or object in the wayy .
tht shit erkss me .
whichh is whyy i never clubb .
lol .
so ,
yuu knoww i had to get some shit out the deal =]
lol .
nuthinn special .
i be feelin unqrateful sometimess ,
likee i appreciatee everythinq && anythinq someone does for me ,
bt after i qet the shit i want ,
i be like ,
shit i didnt get nuthinn i really wanted .
lol .
bt likee i quess thts my fault kindaa .
id k.
who caress .

so tomorroww is xmass && all im lookinn forwardd to doin is eatinn .
bt im on a diet =/
so not even tht soundss funn .
lol .
shit .
fridayy i qot biq planss =]
excitedd about tht .
ill tell yall about it onn friday tho .
lol .
let the anticipation buildd .

1 comment:

Jervis said...

shit,my ass is bored too,and we both have a common goal today,EAT!!