twoo centss acceptedd ;]

soo ,
thiss past weekendd somee drama fell in my lapp ,
&& i didnt even havee anythinq to do withh it but i did .
thiss endedd in the loss of my so called bessfrinnn , so lemme tell yall what happened ,
&& yall can tell me what yall thinkk . mm k :]

soo ,
likee i saidd previouslyy , my cpu been brokee sincee fridayy , so i hadnt really been talkin to my bbyddy .
soo on sundayy, he aimedd one of my cuzinnss && askedd her where i wass .
shee saidd , idk , whyy dont yuu call her .
&& hee repliedd - yuu qood 4 nuthinn .

[sidenotee ; lol. my bf alwayss playin around talkn shit . so he was playin when he said thiss , bt my cuzin qotta bad attitude && is alwayss on the defense. ]

so ,
in her response , she start cussin him out && he cuss her out back .
they end up callin each other bxtchhess , yadda yadda yadda .
soooo ,
shee callss me likee ,
"i dont like your bf ."
&&im likee why , what happenedd .?
so shee tells me , && im like woooww .
yall bothh qot bad attitudess .
bt i saidd okay && qot off the phone with her .
so later tht nitee when i was talkin to him ,
i askedd him about it .
&&hee told me the same storyy ,
so i toldd him likee welll ,
yall bothh got bad attitudess ,
it was cool that yuu wrotee her bt yuu shouldnt havee aimedd her.
basically .
it was a qood intention qone wronq .

soo , heress where all the drama comess inn --

mondayy comess . im talkin to ma bf on aim .
&&all of a sudden hess like im not in the mood , tell yo bessfriend im not playin wit him .
&& im like wtf ? what yuu mean ?
he like , this niqquh jus aimedd me talkinn shit .
&&im completely baffled . && pissed , likee wtf ?!
i havent talked to this niqquh in like 3-4 dayss !
why the fck he talkin shit to my bf ?
yuu feel me ?
soo ,
i called him , he didnt answer .
i wrote him told me to call me asap , he didnt call .
so im juss pissed likee fuck it .
he called my bf out fer the fadee && my bf wanna beat hiss ass , && i stopped carin cus my bessfriend wasnt tryna talk to me .
so finally my other cuzin talk to my bessfriend && she like ohh , wht happenedd with yuu && jellie bf ?
thiss niqquh qon say ,
he qot into wit yo sister, && i had to check him.

[sidenote -- my two cuzins are sisters:]]

so this where i qet pissed the fck off .
im like check him?????????
wtf yuu mean check himm !
that was MY cuzin && MY boyfriend .
i think i could handle the situation my fuckin self .
so , i finally talk to him after everybody kept sayin call jellie, call jellie .
it took him 3 dayss to call me , so i could hear his side of the story
&& by tht time i didnt gave a fck what he had to say .
i feel like what he did was foul && disrespectful.
how ima be mad at my bf for cussin my bessfrienn out , if my bessfriend didnt even have a real reason to aim him ???
that wasnt his place to be tryna check anybody !
i dont like his bbymma but i would never try to check her or talk shit to her outta the respect i have for him . && if i wanted to , i damn sure would tell him first !
my bessfriend didnt say shit to me about anythinq , he jus wrote him on his own.
my bf told me he wrote him .
so if my bf never told me .
i never wouldve even knew !
likee .
im like wtf !?
im supposed to be yo bestie but yuu not even considerin how ima feel.
puttin me lwky in the middle of this shit .
and thenn whenn i told him how i felt about the situationn ,
he didnt even say shit back .
not a "ohh im sorry" "ma badd" "yeaa , yuu ritee , it wasnt my place"
none of tht shit .
just no response .
so fuck it . && fuck himm too .
if he was my friend he shoulda known better .
&& everybdy got me fucked upp if they think ima pick his side over my bf .
cuz im not .
period .
he was in the wronq.
he shoulda never wrote him .
he aint tryna hear what i qotta say .
so whatever .
im stickin by my man .
ma mama alwayss told me -"never pick another niqquh over yo man."
&& thatss what im doinn .
why would i choose friendship over love ?
im not losin the love of my lifee && all my happiness over so dumb shit my bessfriend started upp,
cus my bf && cuzin got into a dumbass altercation over a misunderstandinq !
this is ludacrous . immaturee , && jus stupid .
fuck all the drama .
ima let em fight .
&& i hopee my "bessfriend" learnss hiss lesson .
so far he lost a friendd && my respect .
am i wronq ? or what ?

lol .


Jervis said...

i mean yurr right in all aspects,but to stop talkin over it???,it cant be that serious.

j e l l i e b e a n c u h k z. said...

lol . nahh we coo . i juss dont caree fer the friendship anymoree .

iM.R0Ni said...

yea i was thinkn the same thing as jervis. i mean if it does go back to being the same im sure it will take a while. but now he knows not to over step his boundaries even tho he should have already known tht. but hes is ur bestie so like he kinda close to ur cuzins too.[if u kick it wit ur cuzins like that] i mean cuz thts now my besties are. like i can be out and my best frens will jus be chilln at my house w.o. choppin it up wit my mom or gma. one time one of my besties did wanna drive home and had to wrk after school and i was at wrk and they went to my house and took a nap in my bed. lol [my mom let her in lol] and i kick it wit my cuzins like they my bessfrens too. so we all like one big happy fam. but no need to end a friendship jus prolly chill out for a min.

ok ok im done sheesh sorry long comment lol.