well ,

im alright . im nt 100% happy but im workin on it . emotions go hard on
you . on me anyways ...im tired bt we got abt 9 days til we movin up out
this btchh & we haven't finished packinn ..so this week is gonna be
exhausting to say tha least ... bt im ready for a change , hopefully i
like this city tha way i want to ...everyone else does so im sure i
should...i jst want a job . money keeps anyone happy , especially me .
im goin up to my skool tmw to fix my resume` and apply for some jobs
after i request to have my transcripts sent off ...i know im avoiding
tlkn about my relationship bt i dnt really want to ...we talked . im
alright so i guess im moving along . i have a headachee . i didn't even
really feel like blogging bt i dnt like leaving off on a melodramtic
note. save your commentary on the previous posts . thanks .goodnight .

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