i went out last night w. one of my exes and his bro to this afterparty
at this club in marina del rey on the pier ..it was so pretty ! but i
had fun lol. i was a lil iffy cus i dnt really care for goin out w. boys
cus i cnt have my lil grp of friends dancin w. me buuuuut i was tht bad
bitch by tha bar workin niggas ;) i seen my ex lookin lol i was laughin
in my head and his damn bro kept pullin me dancin w. me and tha its
funny cus he been tryna get at me on tha low, but i dnt do that tlk to
one nigga then move to the next family member that's triflin ...nt to
mention his bro aint cute lol. but it was nice chillinn w. my ex he was
flirtin and gon get mad cus all his homiess was askin who i was lmao .
when we got in tha car he gon say, " smh" ..i was like why yu shakin yo
head for?..he was like "cus yu ON!!"..i was like what yu didn't know??
he said "mann , everybody was on yu askin who yu were"..i said ha, and
what yu say 'my homegirl'...he was like nahh i told em yu was my ex and
theyy was likee awww damn!...i said "aw! hater!!" lmao!.....shit some of
them niggas was bomb :) i was tlkin to this tall liteskinn at tha bar bt
wasn't no point in canoodling since im movin on fridayy .. they asked me
to come w. them to the bet awards afterparty tnitee but i gotta do some
movin and washinn and im nt even fenna feel like puttin on some heels &
a dress after all that lol...so i guess i have to miss it . buuut it was
fun , too bad me and my ex always beefin otherwise i prolly woulda been
goin out w. him lol. oh well , im jst glad i enjoyed my last weekend out
here in california . i was considering havinn a lil late night special
w. myy ex for old times sake BUT i was like nahhhh lol i could tell he
wanted it especially after we danced cus his flirting w. me went up x10
lol. i wanted to have sex one more time before i move bc i know im about
to go back celibate for awhilee :/ but im nt fenna chase niggas for dick
smh and im nt puttin it out there to offer Sheeeit . so oh well i guess
my celibacy starts now lol. i enjoyed my last time tho :) hopefully my
nxt surpasses that . ugh , i dnt wanna have TOO HIGH hopes for vegas
buuuut i definately want it to be more enjoyable than this sht ! lol. i
got 2 months until skool starts sooo i guess i can kill off clubs in tha
meanwhile , hopefully i find that jooob... i hate hustlin in heat bt i
gotta do what needs to be done right? correct . but yeaa im fenna get up
and start bck w. this moving process *sigh* ill be back sooner than
later , gn !

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