in my opinion ,

I've come to the realization ALL niggas are the same. i used to think
differently bt over these past couple of weeks w. no emotions, or love
or any bullshit of that nature to blind me, im startin to see things for
what they are...people tend to wonder why girls act like bitches and ima
say that: A. bc they choose to be or B. they turned tht way frm being
hurt too many times or C. both ....like i know i act like a btch
sometimes bt im really abt to become a REAL bitch . like i know that my
rudeness is a defense mechanism i now have frm being ran over too many
times by being little miss nice all the time, and i still find myself
doing overly nice shit and still gettin ran tf over . i hate it !!! like
man .im jst fed up . like do i really deserve the way i get treated?? do
i??? i mean forreal!? smh, it makes no sense. doesn't matter if im nice
or if im mean, i always get played in some way. i fkn hate people. i
hate males. and then they wonder why about 75% of all females are bi now
smh . im like what's really the point in trying to be genuine in a
relationship anymore? cus im prolly one of the few genuine ppl left tht
dnt care abt shit like cars nd money but nahhhhhhhhh , im fenna be on
tha same sht as everybdy else for now on ..simply trickin niggas . i
can't love these niggas, they don't fkn deserve it ...its like every man
for hisself, they dnt gaf about yo feelins, wht yu got, what yu goin
thru. its jst all about if yu wanna fk or nt . if yu nt tryin too they
put yu to tha side cus yur not beneficial to them. then if yu wanna fk
its like ima fk her then put her back to tha side cus i can find a new
bitch to fk. whaaat in thee fuck kinda cycle is tht? niggas do anything
for a nut its fkn sad. i swear i hate niggas i jst dnt hate them enough
to start fkn w. females. it really jst sucks tht yu have to be by
yourself all tha time because nobodys worth your damn time. im really
jst about to delete everybody off everything likee what's the point?
everythings limited. they cool for tha amount of time you need them or
they need you then everythings abolished. im really clueless about some
people bc they're like devils in disguise. they jst go bad on yu with no
warning for no reason. its jst exhausting. I've come to the conclusion
that i care about the wrong people. i fall in love with the wrong
people. bc none of those people care about me , and all those people
fall out of love with me . maybe im jst not loveable or some shit idk ,
im really starting nt to care lol. i waste entirely too much energy
trying to keep love and friendship . fuck it all. all i want is my money
and my education. fuck marriage , fuck kids . i dnt want none of that bc
i can't see myself finding someone worth sharing that with. i thought i
found the perfect person but i was wrong . same shit in a different
light. but anywho im jst blabbing now . i said what i had to .... so
goodnight .

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