whn good goess bad .

have yall ever been tellin somebody something with good intentions bt then it ends up going all wrong ?
i just did that .
my bby made me mad ,
so i started off tellinn him what he did that made me mad [which is normal for us]
bt then i startedd letting my emotions get the best of me && started
sayinn shit i didnt really mean [cus i was still mad]
i dont even know how i expected him to take it .
a prime of case of not thinking before yuu say it .
&& he took it how he took it .
i didnt intend on making him mad or pissed or w.e.
i really started telling him how i felt so he could provee me wrong
&& make me feel better .
me && my big mouth .
ughh .
im always second guessing my intuition .
again - i had to THINK about it before i said it .
cus i knew it wasnt right .
bt i said it anyways outta anger .
smh .
when will i ever learn .
if i havee to think twice before i say something .
then maybe i shouldnt say it .
period .
i swear sometimes i hurt my own feelins and dig myself in my own holes
only to havee to deal with the fact i did it to myself && have to get myself out of it .
not that i fuck up alot . bt lately i have && i havent figured out why ?
im just scaredd one day he wont put up withh my shit anymoree .
&&how i feel just wont be enough to makee him stayy.


Qu33n Kam... said...

i did the same thing wit my hunnie this week too & now im payin for it & its killin me cuz i have a big mouth too & i dont think before i speak either so i kno exactly how u feel & wat ur goin thru it sucks!! now i have to jus sit & wait for him to get over it & stop bein mad at me cuz he is over my shit lolz,,,the ppl u love makes u do crazy things jus to get their attn, hopefully we both will learn soon so we wont push our lovers away

tysofly said...

girlllllll, i am going thru the SAME THING right now.. this is crazy. i can hella relate!