updatee .

yoooooo !
lol .
im so goofy :]
soo yeaa i havent postedd in a few dayss && i actually start to feel lowkey guilty
considering i have so many readers =]
sooo , here 's my quick lil updatee .

imm stilll looking for a job .
i keep getting callbacks bt , from companys that are too outta range [like 20-30miles]
&& thatss a bit muchh since im not driving myself && i know ima hafta fork out
gas $$$ cus i had to when i worked fuckin 3 miless away frm where i live !
so ima talk to ma mama when she get home cus we was supposedd to be moving
annnnyywaaysss bt yuu know how that goess .
i dont know how many timess i denn toldd yall we was gonn movee ,
&& i dont lol .
thats not my fault thoo .
bt , yeaa i needa a damnn job && i gotta get what i can takee .
real shit .

umm . well today was pretty drab . went by fast tho .
i talked to my old bff from the bay again .
she was makin me feel guiltyy cus i was avoidinn her for a minute .
&& i told her i was .
bt not cus i didnt miss her but becuss i was ashamed that i wasnt doing as well as her .
&& i know yer thinking likee , well wasnt that yer bff ? she woulda understood .
bt thats just how i am .
since im in a bad position likee , not in school or working .
i dont like talking to like old friends or relatives .
cus its likee , "ohh what havee yuu been up to ?"
" ohh , nuthing muchh"
"do yuu work or go to school ?"
"noo , not right now , im looking "
"ohh "
yall catchh my drift .
myy bff is in her 3rd year of college && works .
i wish my life wouldaa worked like i wanted bt i had other obsticles than her .
itss all good tho . ima get there .
better late than never right ?
&&she wants me to movee back to the bay ,,
bt i like where i livee
not per se . lol .
bt likee im determined to accomplish what i set out to do .
id hate moving back && not accomplishhing shit while i was out here .
is it takingg a while - yes . am i still determined - yes .
am i gonna movee back - no .

in other newss . . .i started a new workout regiment .
cus lass month i was small && this monthh i picked some weight back up =/
lol .
&& unfortunately itss cus we've had a kitchenn full of food .
&& thats my downfall .
i havee the tendancy to over eat && over indulgee .
likee i might already be full bt have the taste for something else .
so since i know i can fit more food in my stomach
ill go make what im craving just to satisfy myself bt thennnn
im amd at myself for doing it cus it was jus moree fat in my body that im tryna lose .
&& when it comes to exercise , im a lil iffy
cus i have a fucked up knee thats unstable [like i cant jump on it or run cus itll popp outta place]
so like i usedd to always dance && that was my cardio bt now since
im disadvanged i guess lol . i dont really dance cus i try not to involve my knee .
so i been findin new ways to do cardio without impact .
&& what do i do ?????????
B O X i N G! =]
im not the fighting typee , [even tho my bby calls me violent lol]
im really not tho . bt yeaa . i been havin fun boxing and thats been my cardio .
so throw in a couple stretches , some floor bicycles, && push upss &&&...
voila !
ill tell yuu how that works out . . .
too badd we dont gotta scale no mo =/

&&well lass but not least my lovee lifee =]
cus i know most of yall prolly follow that since i talk about it the most .
we 're great =]
im talking to him as im typing this matter fact .
thats myy bbyddy , husband , love for a lifetime , everything .
we have our moments , like any other relationship .
bt we always bounce back .
i lovee himm . he knows that .
he lovess me . i know that .
we just work for each other .
&& i wanna keep it that way .
[ ilyyy bby cus i knoww yuu gonn read thiss =]

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toytoyy said...

girl we have the same problem.
i'm not working & i'm also out of school.
i'm looking for a job now unitl i start school.

i need to start working out, but i'm too damn lazyyy =/

& it's good you & your lover are happy =]