march ninth [k] !!!

mann today jus aint my fckinn day !
first i had to deal withh that bullshit [refer to post below]
nowww ,
my bby mad at me cus i had somn about my homie in my away [on aim]
&& idkk . he trippinn .
&& im fckinn sad , cus he the person i wanna talk to right now
&& i think he fell asleep mad at me so now im jus sad af . .
cus now i miss em && jus simply on the fact i know he was mad at me
when he fell asleep makes me feel bad , cus i already know how he is
&& i thought about whether i should say somn about the homie cus
i know how my bby is . && how he would react bt at the same time
i didnt think he would get mad .
so w.e i madee a mistakee .
now i gotta reap what i sowed .
&& fuuuck today !
fuckin btchh ass monday cuhhkz . lol .
i hopee i find a job soon .
i wanna move to long beach .
fuck moreno valley , fck riverside , fck the ie .
im savin up then im out this beeitch like vrooom vrooom !


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

hope it get better for u

Miss.Fortune said...

yes mama i might be back n long beach too...
but damn i hope ur days gets better...today is extra FUCKED up for me!
but im tryna keep my mind clear