dizzzzzyyyy ! :]

so if yall read my blog regularly yuu knooooow i r a r e l y y y do any kinda music reviewss
my nicee friend dizzy [ http://edotdizzy.blogspot.com/] askedd me to listenn && revieww his neww mixtapee "Dizzyana : No Hooks " &&&& . . .
well on some real shit i think yall should follow suit .
i lovee music but i prefer moree under the radar shit then mainstream just because i prefer lyrics over labels .
&& i givee kudoss bcuss he actually has something to say lol .

from the first track called "intro" it catches your attention .
starts out with a short interview [ catchy .] && then right when that first beat drops you 'll find yoself bobbinn yo head lol . shit i did :]
"whyy aree yuu playinnn? yuu knowwww yu lovinnn meeeeee ! "
haaaa ! ilovee the introo cuhhkz ! lmao .

its a real mixtapee , he chosee a good collection of songs to flow over . everyone from drake to weezyy to beyonce && ma btchhh ms . keri bayybeee ! haaa !
between his style of flow , his lyrical content && the songs im sure yall a find somethinn
to bob yo head or relate to :]

go listenn && download on his blog http://edotdizzy.blogspot.com/ NOW ! :]
**personal favss : intro & outro , successful , stand up guy , turnin me on , && beat build :]
i likedd moree but im not bout to list all the songs lmao .
go listennn !


E Dot DizZy said...

Thanks so much.. (I'm really smiling over here)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

nothing wrong with doing somethng different - enjoy your weekend

Smoke & Mirrors said...

I just happened to come across this! we've been fooled!


Notion said...

i'm gone check that out and i'm loving the blog, i know you say it ain't poetry but it's hot