love .

: four letters , one syllable , endless definitions .

i quit writing poetry long time ago .
not because i didn 't like it ,
but because putting words together in a more complex format && still getting your point across took too much thought for me .
im lazy . lol .
writing out raw thoughts is soo much easier for me && still does the same job .
so with that said ; welcome to my mind :]

im in love .
thats a statement .
no doubts about it .
yall already know this but whatever i said it again .
im starting to think i shoulda named my blog "angelica 's lovee life"
or some shit lol .
bt nah .
its more than that .
i talk about love cus it means that much to me && its something universal
who hasnt been in love ? or at least thought they were at some point .
everyone wants to be in love . or be loved . thats just simple human nature .
i 've always wanted anything and everything to do with love :]
im in love with love .
lol .
i won 't deny that .
now that i 've found it i refuse to let it go .
they say yuu get back what yuu put in .
so since i give 110% i get that back .
sometimes when our [him to the bottom right :)] relationship is down , i start having doubts .
not that i doubt his love cus i dont .
bt i start doubting our longevity .
relationships don 't always last forever like you want them to ,
bt they 'll last as long as you do .
which is why i continue to keep getting up after we fall
&& dusting myself off again .
no relationship is perfect .
perfection takes a lifetime or more im sure . . .
bt i 've learned so much in all the errors of our relationship .
it feels like we don 't ever learn from them because at some point
something always trys to bring us down again .
bt i lovee him that much moree when we get back on our feet .
its gets to feeling like we wont ever break .
we 've been through break ups , make ups , 'breaks' , arguments , miscommunication , saying things we dont really mean . . .
bt in the end . we still end up together .
no one can replace the spot he has in my heart .
&& vice versa .
i just can 't feel for anyone else the way i feel for him .
people would say your just in love .
&& maybe it is .
bt to me its soo much more .
when he talks to me ,
every word registers in a special place .
i could doubt the things he says . .
bt i don 't .
something about how he says it && what he says . ..
makes me a believer .
i don 't wanna spend time thinking about the "what if's" . . .
"what if he 's lying ?"
"what if it doesn 't happen ?"
what if , what if !
fuck that .
im for the moment .
i believe in what he says && it means something to me .
that feeling is amazing .
my heart smiles :]
i would rather it smile now && possibly cry later
then to have it get tired from stress && worry .

ahh ,
yall prolly likee this btchh cryinn one day thenn happy af in lovee the next
lmao .
yeaa so what .
ain 't shit easy .
everyone has there ups && downs .
im still learning .
bt he brings a happiness to my life nothing else can fill .
without him there would be a vacancy in my heart . . . my life .
i appreciate him .
im infatuated .
i adore him .
i love him more than anybody && anything .
think whatever you want to .
its a free country .
bt ill be posting our wedding pictures in a couple years . . .
bet that :]

i love you husbandbbyddyboyfriendbetterhalflifetimepartnerfuture :-*


NIC-KIA said...

i love this post mamma!
u inspired me to blog abt my bf again!
much L O V E & good luck 2 U & thee hubby!


jelliebeancuhkz♥ said...

lol thankiess hunny :]

yuu too !

theresa stacey said...

I can really relate to this! Unfortunately I got "tired from stress && worry," and it broke me and our relationship so I let it go. Good for you putting in the effort and making it work with your man! You're right everyone has their ups and downs.
Much love
Theresa Stacey

p[L]e[0]a[V]c[E] . said...


Shaquila Dream said...

wow! I really needed to hear that!

-Miss Dream