salty face pt two .

why is that people ALWAYS believe lies , bt NEVER believe the truth ?
my face is stillwet && the bottom of my shirt is wet from wiping away tears && snot .
they wont stop falling .
im soo just hurt right now .
everything always goes wrong .
its another one of our downs .
and its inevitable .
we've had suchaa bomb two weeks .
good days && more memories .
everytime i feel like we gwt closer , && he says something that makes me feel like we'll be together forever .
everything falls apart .
and its all my fault .
he said he no longer trusts me .
and im lying cus i said im not worried about tht other nigga bt i was asking about him .
okay .
i see what hes saying , it is contradicting .
BUT i REALLY REALLY do NOT GAF about tht other nigga !
i swear to yall on my grandma RIP !
i was jus being curious , wondering about where he was .
i guess that was being concerned .
bt i still DC !
now that ONE curious question jus ruined evrything .
curiousity killed the cat .
i ask too many questions .
&& if i wasnt wondering asking questions about dumb shit idc about i wouldnt even be dealing wit this shit .
now whos hurt and crying in the end ??
ME ! as always .
i swear .
i know most people be like just let it go , move on , its not meant to be , blah blah blah .
IDGAF about none of that !
likee a LOVE yall prolly never even felt before .
ive never felt this strongly about anybody .
i dont need anybody ,
bt i NEED HIM .
he needs to be a part of my life .
he completess my sanity .
he completes my heart .
my name starts with A and his with Z .
thats a END to a BEGINNING ,
he finishes me .
i need his lovee && as many opinions you guys have idgaf
cus yall not me && yall dont feel how i feel .
i wish he would stop being so stubborn to the things he knows
&& stop running with this dumb assumption .
noooobody .
yu can put anybody in front of me && i would pick my bf .
im soo fckin loyal .
i just wish he saw that .
he seen it before bt now that he doesnt trust me
hes doubting me .
i just dont know what to do anymore .
how do you prove something to someone that cant see ?
and its not like he never sees , he just dont wanna see .
i feel like part of me just died .
im tryna revive it .


Qu33n Kam... said...

Ive felt the love you feel before and its real when all you want is that one person and you put ur life on the line for them! He will come around they always do! But i know right now it seems he is taking too long! I read ur blog and I hope you 2 get back 2gether soon real soon!

So cheer up buttercup! Becuz no matter wat ever happens he will kno nobody will love him more than u did! And thats a fact!

Jervis said...

its so tru that people believe lies,than the truth,thats just the way it is

naty baby. said...

i feel you on this. i hope that everything works out!