im done .

finished wit dealin with this btchh .
&& when i say this btchh im referrin to ma mama husband .
we jus got into a fight - a physical fight !
i socked tht btchh all in his facee ,
got me sooo fckedd up .
talkin to me crzy likee he got some type of authority over me !
btchh yuu aint ma daddy ! yuu aint shit to me !
so if yuu think yuu can jus talk sideways to me && ima let that shit slidee
yuu soo fuckinn wrong .
btchh gon have the nerve to throw a chip at ma head .
&& as funny as it may sound .
i fuckkinn lost it !
i threw somethin at him , got all in his facee
then he gon fuckin touch me !
i firedd on his ass , bt moms was in the way ,
mannnnn i called him all typess of btchhes !
he gets NO respect !
idgaf if he ma mamas husband .
fuck him .
hes a btchh . a fuckin joke .
i swear i wish i was a nigga right now so i can whooop his asss >:O
i dont even want nobody else to fight him !
i wanna fight him myself !
ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !
im sooo mad right now !
i swear !
mannnnnnnn !
mtfckinnn btchhhhhhhh>:O
&& i dont want no mtfckin apology ,
F U C K H I M .
i dont like him && im not bout to pretend like i do .
i d g a f .
im bout to find me a job && movee the fuck out .
cus i already know him && me livin together aint bout to last long ,
&& i realllly dont wanna move back wit my dad .
gawwwwwwd , i swear i alwayss get put in some fucked up situations !!!
mannn . && im not even the fightin typee bt he got my blood BOILING !!!
ooooh i jus wanna mollywhop his asssss !
im jus had to type my anger out real quick so i could calm down .
bt whatevr our friendship/relationship whatever tf yu wanna call it
that shit is over . && dead && burnt tf up .
FUCK CUHHKZ ! on ma granmaa RIP .


chavita!!! said...


wtff man i hope evrything gets better hun

toytoyy said...

dang girl.
i hope you got a good hit.
threw a clip @ you?
i woulda spazzed too.

Miss.Fortune said...

u better than me...nigga wouldve been a dead man coming soon!
be coo tho...dont let em get u outta ur elimate