seasonn finalee 's !!

bee pissin me off >:O

so i was watchinn the baldwin hills finale lass nitee .
&& im madd ! i hate when they end the season wit unanswered questions !
lol .
i dont wanna wait no punk ass 4 monthss to see . . .
if seiko movee or stay .
if she likee justinn or gon stay wit cal .
what happen wit tyler && moriah .
&& erybodyy elsee !
waaack !

thennnnn .. . i was MAD on rock of lovee
he gon sendd homee brittanyaa && ashley ! >:O
them was the two bess peoplee !
lol .
evenn thoo - he had good reasons for sendin em home lol
brittanyaa looked the best outta everyone.
&& even tho ashleyy talkedd the most shit she was funny af !
i dont even wanna watch the rest of the season now .
everybody thats left is wack , boring , or stupid .

i was MADDD at how the L word ended .
still dont know who killed jenny ol' conniving ass .
grrrr ! likee wtf ! we waited all seasonn for NUTHINN !
bt i think she killed herself to be honest .
bt yeaa .

i really hopee the bad girls club finalee aint dumbb !
even tho the commercialss look likee they finally got to tiffany &&
rubbed her the wrongg wayyy lol .
so hopefullyy thatss good .
the 'amber show' episodee was dumb af
them girls are sooo dumb ! bt cookie is lwky funny .

bt yeaa thats all i gotta say . lol .


theresa stacey said...

FOR REAL. I didn't watch the other ones but I did watch Baldwin Hills and I can't believe they cut it off like that

iM.R0Ni said...

yess baldwin hills was crazy. i thought seiko was gna cry. i was surprised at her response but it is true. justin was being selfish for waiting and then still tellin her like she was suppose to dump cal and fcks wit him. like huh? lol

jelliebeancuhkz♥ said...

mnnn hells yess ! yuu could tell shee still got feelins for him thoo . i think she jus surpressed it cus they stopped talkin . now we gotta wait til next season >:O

lol .

Janeen Mesmerize said...

I love the bad girls club! Alilea is a fool! I hope tiff beats cookies ass. Lol

londynkouture said...

BET SUCKS!! the show is scripted even though im addicted to watching it. yea I wanna know whats going to happen to justin and seiko that was one of the realest moment on the show...they could have at least left us with a preview or something geez!


Lalyna said...

i didn't get to see it yet but i'm in love w/ that show too! lol. Cal is a cutieeeeee. Moriah too!

As Told by Rickey•·. said...

omggggggg, girl thats how they get them ratings up. but i wnted to knw the same thang. whats going on with her and cal. i was like hmm maybe i can get on her myspace or something lol

Nia Simone said...

amen girl !