forgivee me first lovee . . .

. . . bt im too tireddddddd .
lol .
well thatss what it all comes down to .
everybody has there fed up point .
i think i finally reachedd it =/
yuu cann keep trying && trying
bt then when yuu realize your the o n l y one trying ,
damnn .
lol .
time to let it go .
this is the time to see if everything you && your lover once told each other
about loving && caring about each other , && not being able to live without one another
was actually true to heart .
i was told everything in the book ,
bt im starting to think i was lied to . . .
whyy am i not surprisedd ? lol .
smh .
men : liars . cheaters . deceivers . heartbreakers .
good oness too !
i aint even mad . i dont even care anymore .
no , wait .
i still care about him .
im just over the bullshit .
when your in lovee you only see what you want to , not always what you NEED to .
i forgive him tho .
he was my first love .
even if his half was a lie .
he made me feel like no other man has ever made me feel before
&& ill always love him for that .
[ to you : ]
you hold a special place in my heart .
bt i realize your still young , you still wanna explore . . .
i just cant sit around while you do .
im strong enough to let you go this time .
i dont want to . bt i cant keep being the only one trying to save our love .
some part of me wants you to come back just to at least say ily .
just to say i really did mean something to you . cus your actions say i dont .
lol . pridee . smh .
i jus wishh you fought to save our love one time .
bt i doubt you will .
too many btchhes tell yuu they lovee you .
they dont lovee you like i lovee you .
never could & never will .
you know that bt i think your just willing to take tht loss .
&& t h a t breaks my heart .
ill livee tho .
im stronger now .
imy zahkeem
i hopee you find happiness && prosper if yu do choose to walk away .
find me in your future .
i love you .


Qu33n Kam... said...

I have to say Im proud of you!
It hurts to LET GO but in life thats the only way u can really find out if they wana HOLD ON to you!
Jus focus on you for now cuz you know how more than anyone wat it takes to make you happy!

&& Trust Me God will not let you down he will give you the right guy & u will love again just as hard if not harder & he will do the same! This is a new beginnin!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

all of us are not like that - men that is some have a penchant 4 commitment

Vans said...

Aaaah , reading your post takes me back to some tough tymz.
The hardest thing=walking away, I did and it was like I was battling with God, bt yh its worth it and hey if it's meant to be it will be just dnt w8 around for it.
N yh Adele was on constant replay on the pod lol.
Get away to feel again=x