futuree - heree i comeeee :]

so basically for the lass 5 hourss i jus been sitting && researching careers && schools trying to figure out the path i wanna take , thats both fulfilling to my education and easy on my pockets cus i DONT intend on havingg thousandss of dollars worth of debt . && even tho they say youu gotta invest to get it back . im not guaranteed success in my futuree so tryna figure out how to pay 90,000 dollas for a education in art school isnt gonna work for me . so lemme fill yall in . . .

my first lovee in lifee [besideess my bbydddy :)] is f a s h i o n .
like any typical person my age , im obsessed with colors , clothes , shoes , accessories , ect .
im interested in anything && everything tht relates to fashion including writing && photography . but my main goal is to eventually open my own boutique in the la area :]

&& this is something ive put alooooot of thought process in .
so , ever since my dad wouldnt let me go to fidm [fashion institute of design & merchandising] when i first graduated hs back in 06 . ivee been going back n forth between a career in fashion or something else . bt i figure i might as well do what i love && pursue fashionn .
i was gonna go to csu-northridge cus they have a good fahion program buuut, i fucked tht off in 07 . so thenn i was gonna jus go to comm college then transfer bt i kept makin all these excuses , mostly the fact i need a job in order to pay for it , which isnt really tht far from the truth =]

sooo thenn , after my mom decided she wanted to move to arizona , earlier this year , i REFUSE to movee outta cali . so based on the fact , i d have noowhere to stay in southern california where i wanna stay i decided to apply to a csu again , so i could live on campus and wouldnt have to move . i chose csu - dominguez hills b/c it was still accepting apps when i was trying to apply for this fall . bt it doesnt even have my major so , im likee . . do i REALLY wanna go there jus to pay for general education when i could jus go to comm college then transfer to a better qualified college for my B.A or B.S . . my answer -- hell nahh .

sooooo nowwww , im thinking i wanna go to a community college in the la area .
preferably - cerritos in norwalk ; el camino in torrance ; or long beach city in lb .
sincee they all have my fashion major && are affordable .

your next question is where tf you gonna stay ? lol .
so sincee i can find a affordable studio for under $700 , utilities inc .
im considering saving up after i find a job so tht i can move to la or lb .

this is a bit muchh .
but i know i can do it if i really want .

the things i have to accomplish beeforee i can even put this plan into effect ??

- find a job to start my savings ; possibly transferable for when i move .
- get my l's && a car . =/ yeaa i knoww lol .

&& in realityy thosee thingss arent THAT hard to obtain if im working hard .
soo i figuree , ima get those out the way .
try to find either another job in the la area or transfer locations .
findd a affordable apt for my income .
then enroll in the nearest comm college .
earn my A.A or A.S . thenn transfer to a CSU [maybe ] .

**sighh .
lol . i figure this is a cool master plan . im jus hoping i dont change my plans again
cus i have an addiction with constantly changing shit .
&& even tho they say change is good .
im ALWAYS changing shit . [as im sure yall noticed i change my page like every week or so ].

i jus need to knock off step one of finding me a job , which i been stayin on top of latelyy .
so hopeeefully it payss off .
my momss not moving til the end of the year /beg of next year so i got that long to put this into effect .
wishh me luuuck ! shit my black ass gon need it ! lol .


tysofly said...

good luck!!! =)

p[L]e[0]a[V]c[E] . said...

good luck isnt the statement one should make , just stay focus && you can make it . dont be afraid to fall , god gives you nothing you cant handle ! always remember that !

&& thanks for the birthday love =]

Miss.Fortune said...

ugh we so the same lol
ok..well my first goal is to find a 2nd job..
move back to cali n sept.
buy a car
then move to l.a. n oct. start school n oct. and just continue life from there..

its hard finding a 2nd job tho..
not too hard cuz i could be trying harder..BUT we're basically n the same boat..

as far as community college..i feel like why not go all out wit the bang..if u gonna take a chance do it wit something u love..then again u gotta crawl before u walk but why waste time when u know what u want!

im like u tho..a libra..always changing my plans and shit..thats sooo irritating..
p.s. i used to go to long beach city college..its an ok school..i even took a fashion class there..the teacher hated me..
but good luck keep me updated

Mista Jaycee said...

Just stopping in but you might wanna try Santa Monica City College. It has a good transfer rate to UCLA and check out El Camino College and Long Beach City College.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

it will be ok, maybe even consider starting your own biz - i did with 80k of my own loot

[$ H A R O N A] said...

girl it just takes tons of research and a calculator. lol.
but you'll find a way. ;)

Tashia said...

:: New Reader Here =) ::

It's good that u have a plan. As long as they're realistic for YOU & YOU have the drive to push yourself every morning. I can tell you right now that there will be challenges because that's how life is sometimes, but ALWAYS push even harder because when there's a will, there's a way. You get what you put out, and that applies to everything in life. So if you give your best, you will get your best at the end of it all.

Good luck sweetie!