salty face .

i swear ive never cryed so much in my life .
im so....just down .
nuthings going the way it should
i jus feel like my worldd is falling apart in front of my eyes .
im getting to the point where i have nobdy to talk to
about how i feel anymore , and the only person i do talk to &&
wanna talk to , doesnt wanna talk to me .
idk what to do anymore .
and what makes me mad is this whole situation coulda been avoided if i woulda jus listened to myself .
i told myself , dont do that , its not important .
bt , i did it anyways . cus i didnt think it was that serious .
&& it backfired in my facee .
now i dont have anyone bt, myself .
myself .
mannn FUCK ME !
im so tired of being alone .
im miserable .
&& now this is jus eating me up cus the other half of me is missing .
i miss him so much bt i did all i could . idk what to do anymore ,
i just want things to go back to the way they were .
i wanna be lovedd && i wanna be happy .
i wanna feel complete.
bt, i cant get back to that place...
not yet at least .

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Stefanie Alexia said...

wow im goin thur the samw exact thing at this very moment...im trying so hard to stay hopefull, but its so hard, when u dont see nothing getting better. and everything u do is wrong, and u love that person so much and would not want to hurt them, but stuff happens, and then it comes to the line of no return. and they still dont know how bad they hurt you.