i try to be so strong bt the minute love lost came on i broke down like
a baby...trey never lied when he said your whole worlds thrown off.
like everything i once believed in i don't anymore. and im sittin here
cryin like a bby and i dnt even have anyone to say its gonna be okay. i
dnt any shoulders to cry on, no people to run to . jst tears in my
pillow. i dnt understand how the same thing can make me cry so many
tears. no one ever said this would be the repercussion on giving your
heart away. no one ever said jst cus yu give it away doesn't mean tht
persons gonna keep it. no one ever said it was gonna hurt for weeks and
weeks. i feel like such a crybaby. and nobdy even cares. the worst part
abt it all is tht im alone. i have to go thru everything alone. i wish i
jst had someone to tell me nt to cry ... cus when i tell myself i cry
harder. ...ig2g

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Reggie said...

It happens!!! You just be strong!!!!